Customer: Galleria Tbilisi
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Project Description:

Year: 2017

Supply and installation of IT infrastructure and security systems: CCTV, Access Control, IDS, Voice Announcement and Evacuation Systems, Visitor Management System.    


Year: 2017

Paking Management & Control system, according to its scale and functionality, is the unic solution implemented by Veziri in Georgia.
The system combines 2 subsystems: parking management and payment solutions.
User receives information about the number of free spaces in the entrance. Sensors and indicators in each section help consumers to orientate easily, reduce traffic and parking time.
The uniqueness of this solution is that users can pay the parking fee with cash as well as credit cards.
System can be integrated with the loyalty program. It also provides statistical and financial reports.





Customer: Georgian Railway
Location: Georgia
Project Description:


Installation of electronic security and Fire Suppression system in Rail Road control system container with centralized monitoring possibility from dispatcher center  

Integrated electronic security systems were installed in special containers. Systems include the following solutions: 
•    Intrusion detection system;
•    Fire detection and synthetic gas automated suppression;
•    Video surveillance;
•    Centralized monitoring software for dispatcher center;

Central monitoring software provides the following possibilities: 
•    Intrusion detection system management;
•    Automatically pop-up the specific surveillance camera in case of alarm and send voice signal to the operator; 
•    Activate facility alarm signal; 
•    Fire detection and automated suppression system monitoring.

Customer: BP Georgia
Location: Georgia
Project Description:

Year: 2011
Supply, installation and commissioning of Optical Fiber Pipeline Intruder Detection System (OFPIDS) at western route pipeline (WREP), providing pipeline security against any physical impact and attempted illegal tapping.


Year: 2010
SCADA system design, supply, installation and commissioning for the secondary containment facility in Borjomi area. System provides protection of the valley from ecological disasters caused by oil spills.
Location: Borjomi area 


Year: 2008 - to present
Provision of Electronic security systems maintenance & technical support of above ground facilities on BTC/SCP/WREP pipelines. Within the framework of the project, company provides constant monitoring & technical support of these systems thus maintaining their sustainability.

Customer: JSC TBC Bank
Location: Tbilisi and regions
Project Description:

Year: 2004 – present
Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise - PBX installation. System was duplicated to provide its sustainability in force majeure situations. The system has been expanded, along with the growth the bank’s branches and service centers all over Georgia. 
Alcatel-Lucent Call Center installation. Centralized management, recording and analysis of incoming calls. 
Call Center integration with third party CRM in 2016.

Year: 2004-2008
Supply and installation of CCTV system. Later the system was modified and upgraded from analog to IP video surveillance system.
System and data archiving management is centralized.

Customer: National Archives of Georgia
Location: Tbilisi and Kutaisi
Project Description:

Year: 2014
Supply, installation and commissioning of the automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems in the repositories and building spaces of National Archive of Georgia. Combined fire extinguishing system was installed, providing fire extinguishing with water and fire suppression with gas.


Year: 2014
Supply and installation of CCTV system for head office of National Archive of Georgia.


Year: 2016-2017
Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems in the new building of the National Archive of Georgia in Kutaisi.

Customer: Georgian Tele-radio Center
Location: All regions of Georgia
Project Description:

Year: 2014-2015
The public multiplex, TV broadcasting and wireless IP network construction for transition from the analog to digital (DVB T2) broadcasting (1st phase). up to100 base stations and microwave radio links were installed and commissioned. 

Year: 2015-2016
Within the framework of transition from analog to digital (DVB T2) broadcasting, for the purposes of improving of coverage area, additional microwave network, base stations, repeaters and gap-fillers were deployed.

Within 2nd phase, Base stations and MW links were installed on Over 100 sites. 

Customer: Ministry of Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan
Location: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Project Description:

Year: 2013
Supply and installation of Alcatel-Lucent PABX.

Customer:  Oil and Gas Institute of Turkmenistan
Location: Turkmenistan
Project Description:

Year: 2010
Supply and installation of PABX, number of subscribers 900

Customer: Rezidor Hotel Group
Location: Tbilisi and Batumi
Project Description:

Year: 2013
PABX Technical support for the Radisson Blu Iveria and Radisson Batumi hotels.  

Customer: MAF CarreFour
Location: Tbilisi
Project Description:

Year: 2011 - Present

Provision of maintenance service of PABX  system


Year: 2011
PABX supply, installation and commissioning 

Customer: Ministry of Finance of Georgia
Location: Tbilisi
Project Description:

Year: 2011
Supply and installation of PABX system, deployment of computer network and wireless access points for the Academy of Ministry of Finance. 

Customer: Governmental Special Communications Agency
Location:  Kutaisi
Project Description:

Year: 2011
PABX supply for the Parliament of Georgia in Kutaisi.