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Telecommunication & IT

Telecommunication and IT includes: voice, data and video information transmission and archiving. Solution may be of small and complex scales, upon the customer’s demand, aiming to solve simple a ...

Security and Safety

Security and safety includes multifunctional systems for private and public assets safety. Present solution integrates the following directions: CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm & Suppression and ...

SCADA & Automation

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) consisting of hardware and software, that enables companies to control industrial processes locally or remotely, acquire and monitor data in real time, ...

“VEZIRI” has been operating on telecommunication and security market since 1996 year and has implemented over 200 complex projects until now.  It is the official representative of over 50 international supplier companies, operates according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and employs over 500 professional staff.

Risk Prevention

RMC department  provides combined Corporative  Risk Prevention Service (RP service) in accordance with the client’s requirements, ISO 9001 standard, Association of International Code of Conduct (ICOCA) and Georgian legislation. Goals and obligations of Risk Prevention Service is prevention/suppression of potential threats such as damage to facilities and personnel, loss of property, leakage of information, damage to Client’s and Company reputation, etc.  Qualified RP service is achieved by means of different Electrical Security Systems, RMC department management, Analytical Unit, Call Center, Assets regional Security Officers (ARSO) and qualified RP Service Officers (RPO), whose duties and obligations include fulfillment of the following: •    Protection of Client’s personnel and assets from threats such as theft, intentional damage, fire or other types of criminal behaviour; •    Protection of information within the competence; •    Present respectable image of company; •    Prevention of unauthorized access to the facilities; •    Strict control of access to facilities; •    Personnel/visitors and vehicle access control; •    Prevention of delivery/access of prohibited items to the territory in accordance with existing procedures; •    Control of material assets movement in accordance with the established procedures; •    Precise registration of the people entering and leaving the area, for POB (People On Board) management; •    Timely,  adequate  and qualified response to emergency situations in accordance with the existing procedures: o    Firefighting o    Emergency medical assistance o    Handle with crowd and demonstration o    Handle with natural disasters and etc. •    Perimeter control. Regular patrolling for detection and/or prevention of such facts as fire, unauthorized access or deliberate damage of client’s assets on the facility Analytical Unit of RMC Department: Provides information about the business operation in the area of risk and it’s analysis, evaluation in accordance to the customer's business interests and provides  relevant recommendations; •    Maintain Databases; •    Provides periodical (daily, summary weekly/ monthly/annual) reports to the client; •    Is responsible for the provided service quality; •    Is responsible for ESS maintenance and Call Center operation; •    Ensures department structural units coordination; •  Develops mechanisms for Risk Management and Control and is responsible for its implementation and development; •    Provides working instructions and is responsible for its implementation. RMC Deapartment 24/7 Call  Center 24/7 Communication Center, gathers information from the service providing areas and registers it into the online database. Call Center operators act appropriately to the existing situation in accordance to the existing procedures. Access to data base is granted for authorized  RMC personnel. ESS Operations Center ESS Operational Center provides permanent monitoring of customer’s assets via existing Electronic Security Systems, gathers, processes and address- (transfers) information accordingly to the relevant department on a regular base. Following service has been provided for BP Georgia  since 2009,   as well as for  several BP contractor companies (BEJV, SAJV, IDC, AZFEN etc),  involved in BTC/SCPX  project since  2014.   


Emergency Evacuation Service ensures safe and secure conditions for mobilization and evacuation of Client’s personnel and perform their further physical evacuation out of country of Georgia in cases of Country Scale Emergency and Crisis Situations, such as military conflict, civil unrest, massive protest rallies, natural disasters, etc. The service is managed by RMC department, in particular: •    Provide overall management of the Services •    Ensure all activities are being performed in accordance with Client’s requirements and  guideline documents created for the purposes of the Service •    Ensure roles and responsibilities are properly distributed among all employees and all of them correctly understand their duties •    Provide appropriate guidance and instructions to the employees responsible for implementation of the Service •    Ensure check calls, trainings,  drills, maintenance services etc. are established and being implemented as appropriate •    Ensure proper communication is established with Client’s respective points of contact •    Ensure proper functionality of Warden Systems •    Prepare differnt routs through country regions for successful and secure evacuation of Clients employees  •    Other duties that are necessary for proper organization of activities associated with the Services  •    Ensure coordination of  RMC department units: Analytical, Call Center  with other departments of VEZIRI, such as  Fleet and  HSE departments, all  neccessry for qualified implementation and service provision RMC Department- Analytical Unit, on a regular basis  provide  Risk Assessment of all risks associated with implantation of the Service. Risk assessment include identification of all risks associated with evacuation processes considering all possible scenarios, identification of respective mitigation measures and its implementation. Risk assessment might be more frequent depending on the situation and needs.

Technical Consulting

For effective performance, systems should be properly designed. After project implementation relevant documentations shall be prepared.  Veziri Ltd offers technical consulting in telecommunications and electronic security systems:  •    Project design; •    Project documentation; •    Customer training; •    Installation service; •    Maintenance;  •    Project Management. Companies significantly reduce personnel and equipment cost in case of maintenance outsource.    

20 years in Telecommunication & Security systems business